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Build Your Credit History!

Report to ALL 3 Credit Bureaus!  












 Everyone's Credit Is Approved!


Thank you for visiting Linnehan Homes today! The approval process is fast and easy!  We just need to know the following:


1.  The amount of available cash and/or assets with no debt owed on the assets you have for a down payment. (Downpayments range upward from $5,000 with an average of approx $10,000 +/-)


2.  The amount of your ANTICIPATED, FUTURE, INCOME TAX RETURNS!  (You can use this for your down payment NOW exclusively with Linnehan Homes.)


3.   The amount of monthly payment you can afford.  Then fill out the  brief application forms by phone with our friendly Financial Counselor ASAP.  We will process your application as rapidly as possible. Your credit is already approved exclusively and only at Linnehan Homes.  As soon as we receive this information, your loan application process begins immediately. 


We will add you name to our list of potential clients the same day we receive this contact.  We will get back to you ASAP in the same order you contacted us. Please be paitient, the AMERICAN DREAM "Home Ownership Plan" is very popular and in very high demand!  

Our mission is to provide affordable homes for our Hancock County neighbors.  We are working hard to find you and your family affordable housing.  All of our homes are safety checked, all utilities are code complient, and all have smoke and CO detectors.  Some of these homes need very minor cosmetic decorating with a handyman or handywomen's tender loving care.

Linnehan Homes offers affordable homes you can move into TODAY with our "one of a kind", unique  the AMERICAN DREAM "Home Ownership Plan" for people looking for affordable housing.

Linnehan Homes specializes in good people with good credit, good people that are trying to establish or  re-establish their credit, or good people who have bad credit but a substantial down payment and want to improve their credit scores.

We have both House and Land complete housing packages or Land only packages.  Both are available immediately with our affordable AMERICAN DREAM "Home Ownership Plan". These properties are currently  located in Hancock, Penobscot, Waldo, and Washington Counties.

Look for our GIANT 4x8 Linnehan Homes banners, Call Us today at 207-667-HOME (4663)  for more information about the AMERICAN DREAM, our unique, affordable " Home Ownership Plan".

                 Trenton_Builing_Flowers.jpg                    Headquarters of Linnehan Homes/Acceptance in Trenton, ME